Deskarati – ‘enlightenment for the internet age’


Desk – ‘a class of table often used in a work or office setting’


Arati – ‘the ceremony of offering articles to a Deity’

Our inspiration for this site is none less than the great enlightenment Encyclopédie, a Systematic Dictionary of the Sciences, Arts and Crafts by Denis Diderot the french philosopher and author. The Encyclopédie was an innovative encyclopedia in several respects. Among other things, it was the first encyclopedia to include contributions from many named contributors, and it was the first general encyclopedia to lavish attention on the mechanical arts. Still, the Encyclopédie is famous above all for representing the thought of the Enlightenment. According to Diderot in the article “Encyclopédie”, the Encyclopédie’s aim was:

“to change the way people think.”

Here at deskarati, we explore, search and ‘plough’ through the internet on your behalf to find  announcements, contributions, articles and wonders of the universe. We focus on the uplifting, enjoyable and inspirational articles usually of the scientific, philosophical, technological, artistic or wondrous kind. We shy quickly away from the downbeat, preachy, depressing and ‘bad news’, that we feel would not improve your day.  We then offer these articles to you for your information and enjoyment, we hope you will find them thought-provoking, exciting and especially, enlightening. All posts have a link back to the contributor’s site where it was found. We recommend that you follow these links as we, generally, only post a short section of the original.

Please feel free to comment and send us your own found wonders.

“Enlightenment is man’s emergence from his self-incurred immaturity.”
Immanuel Kant

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  1. Deepth Dinesan says:

    F***ing awesome – this is the best blog I have seen on the internet in the last decade !!

  2. shadispire says:

    Really beautiful blog, amazing 🙂 Thanks and Keep up the awesomeness 🙂

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  4. rfc says:

    The only right any of us has is the right to become wise through self-effort. Your blog helps in this process. Thank you.

  5. ‘The Weirdness of Zoetropes’ – you might like to re-post this….

  6. Anonymous says:

    Can you write a little information on Alan Mason. need it to do a paper research

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