Deskarati Conditions

Deskarati by definition (see description on the About page) offers to its viewers articles and parts of articles found on the internet. It is our intention to spark the curiosity of our viewers and to help them find the original work for their edification and enjoyment.

Deskarati is a blog and not a business.

To this end we copy and in some cases edit articles and repost them including images of low resolution under the “Fair Use” parameters as set forth in the Copyright Act. We reproduce short passages, as allowed by the WordPress ‘Press This’ app, of an article or story and then insert a hyperlink back to the original. By following these steps, we assume no prior written or oral permission is required. We also list and link most of our regular contributors on our links page with a recommendation to visit.

If any of our contributors do not want our help in finding readers for their work or if any pictures are shown that you claim copyright, please advise us immediately and you will be removed from our database of contributors and your pictures deleted. The only exceptions to the above are longer articles offered, edited from Wikipedia or other sites which are assumed as copyright free. We also post original work by us or sent to us by followers.

Any information repeated from Deskarati should comply with the above conditions.

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