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  1. Brian Smith says:

    Hi there,
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    Please get in touch if you would be interested in discussing possible partnerships. We would love to cooperate with you.
    Kind regards,
    Brian Smith
    Sales Manager
    SmartyAds LLP
    Tel: 1(646) 432-0310

  2. Hello Deskerati
    I found your site interesting and informative.
    On one of your articles you used one of my images: the Wavicle.
    I created this Pereira Wavicle 2008-2012 after many years of work along with a great variety of other mathematic and physic convergent on art.
    All I ask is the proper attribution.

    Feel free to contact me about any other images you are interested in.
    Perhaps you would be interested in an article on my work bridging science and art?
    All the very best
    Peter G Pereira

  3. Dear Desarati

    I am following up with the link to my proper image which is the Wavicle you selected in the Article.
    Very good choice of images, again I just need the attribution corrected that it may reflect the hard earned work involved with my creation.

    And again, I would be interested in doing a featured artist article…what a great Segway.


    Peter G Pereira

    See other images of Art and science on my site and at my site on

    • Deskarati says:

      Hi Peter,
      I have credited your great image on the post it appears, thank you for the permission.
      I would also be pleased to see any other art/science work you have done. The link above unfortunately only shows me the wavicle image. Please send link to your other works.


  4. Hi Deskarati,
    I think the information in this link is very interesting.


  5. Dear Deskarati,

    I hope this e-mail finds you well. My name is Dylan Fairwell and I’m contacting you on behalf of RubberBond regarding our latest infographic – ‘House Styles Around the World’.

    The piece looks at 21 different types of house from all corners of the globe, and what factors contributed to their design; from aesthetics, to practicality, to the environment they are in.

    You can view the piece here:

    I would love to hear what you think of the infographic and whether you can see it being featured on Deskarati?

    Many thanks,

    Dylan Fairwell

  6. Jerry Chen says:

    Hi I’m Jerry President of Knowledge for Humanity Foundation. in short, our company is dedicated to improving literacy throughout the world. We were wondering if we could use the Great Library of Alexandria sketch as a side picture for our Letters to Alexandria project promoting the old fashioned letter writing and writing skills throughout the world. Please let me know! We will as “With permission from deskarti” as a caption.

  7. miss barber says:

    i would like to purchase the photo of the super moon (red) over glastonbury tor , can you please
    send me details, thankyou

  8. Martine says:


    Is it possible to use your tree of life image if a credit it in one of my pamphlet ? I have a company of natural cosmetics which is named Ophyta (from the tree of life) and I found your great image here on this website. It will be in a trifold pamphlet with your website for credit of the image.

    It would be really appreciated.


  9. That was to say wish you well in your work!

  10. kathy Hamilton says:

    Hi there, the Australian Academy of Science would like to use your Periodic Table of the Elements within its free science resource available to Australian (only) high school teachers and students. Please advise (via email) whether you provide permission for educational use (our ref: CP SD Act1.1p2) – thank you. (your ref

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