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New ’super-steel’ alloy is as strong as titanium, but 10 times cheaper

This new type of steel alloy is flexible, ultra-strong, and inexpensive, and we already have all the tools we need to mass-produce it. Scientists in South Korea have invented a new steel alloy that boasts the same strength-to-weight ratio as titanium – the super-strong metal we use to construct jet engines, missiles, spacecraft, and medical implants – but it can be produced for one-tenth of the cost. In order to develop this new kind of metal, the team from Pohang … Continue reading

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Sweden Invents a Revolutionary Anti Bullet Wall

Saab’s Soft Armour system offers protection against ballistic penetration up to NATO 7.62 mm AP ammunition (STANAG level III). The system is a box concept filled with hard ceramic balls. The system is especially designed to enhance survivability and can be fitted to any structure prior to missions, or even retrofitted to existing structures in operational theatre. A unique ceramic material protects against ballistic penetration. Soft Armour is a patented ballistic protection technology that provides security for people in vulnerable … Continue reading

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The world’s first motorised suitcase


The motorised suitcase can cover distances of up to 60 km, enough to take you to the nearest airport or train station. For the past 10 years He Liang, a farmer from China’s Hunan province, has been working on the development of the City Cab, a motorised suitcase for two passengers that covers distances of up to 60 km (37 miles) at a speed of 20 km/h (12 mph). The suitcase has a set of three wheels, is powered by … Continue reading

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Designing the fastest car on the planet

Apart from a brief break in the 1960s and 1970s, British engineering and drivers have played a dominant role in setting the land speed record in the fastest cars on the planet. Starting from Lydston Hornsted’s Benz No. 3, which broke the record to reach 124mph exactly 100 years ago, to the current land-speed-record holder Andy Green’s Thrust SSC, which crossed the supersonic barrier to reach 763mph in 1997. Now the people behind Thrust SSC have set themselves an even … Continue reading

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The Iron Lung


A negative pressure ventilator, often referred to colloquially as an iron lung, is a form of medical ventilator that enables a person to breathe when normal muscle control has been lost or the work of breathing exceeds the person’s ability. Examples of the device include both the Drinker respirator and the Both respirator. The negative form of pressure ventilation has been almost entirely superseded by positive pressure ventilation or biphasic cuirass ventilation. Humans, like most other animals, breathe by negative … Continue reading

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Nanostructures Offer Medical Images Without X Rays

Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) have developed a recipe for creating a nearly perfect compound semiconductor that could lead to more efficient photovoltaics, safe and high-resolution biological imaging and the ability to transmit massive amounts of data at higher speeds. The researchers took the rare earth element, erbium (Er), along with the element antimony (Sb) and made a compound of the two into semimetallic nanowires or nanoparticles. Then they embedded those nanostructures into the semiconducting matrix … Continue reading

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Revealed: How Mercedes’ packaging of their turbo engine has given them the edge

The secret of Mercedes’ current domination of F1’s new turbo era has been made public after Sky Sports F1’s Mark Hughes revealed intricate details of how the Silver Arrows are packaging the hitherto-dominant W05. Sky F1 analyst Hughes has learnt that, in a highly complicated engineering feat, the team have successfully packaged their turbine and air compressor at either end of the W05’s engine. The innovative design – which, like the best ideas, sounds simple, is vastly complex and brilliantly effective … Continue reading

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An Interactive Dynamic Shape Display


While it’s debatable whether we’ll ever be able to teleport objects or people around the world at the speed of light, the inFORM system from Tangible Media Group at MIT might be the seeds of the next best thing. inFORM facilitates the real-time movement of physical “pixels” on a table surface that move in accordance with data from a Kinect motion sensing input device. The system allows people to remotely manipulate objects from a distance, physically interact with data or … Continue reading

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Futuristic Airless-Tires Are Almost Ready For Your Car

Bridgestone continues to taunt us with its wonderful airless tires that promise enhanced durability, minimal maintenance, and the ability to never go flat. Previously, the tiremaker was only demonstrating smaller versions of the wheel designed for golf carts and the like, but at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show it’s finally revealed a larger version bringing the innovative tires one step—or roll—closer to your car. The second-generation of Bridgestone’s non-pneumatic tires has a larger diameter, improved load-bearing capabilities, and can handle … Continue reading

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‘Reverse microwave’ can chill wine bottles and fizzy drink cans in 45 seconds

The invention of the microwave revolutionised cooking but now a ‘reverse-microwave’ does the opposite, it can chill a drink in 45 seconds. Up until now there has not been a gadget available to cool items without a long wait. A new system can cool drinks, including wine bottles and fizzy drink cans, from room temperature to four degrees in a matter of seconds. The unit can cool drinks in all types of containers to different temperatures without disturbing the carbonation. The technology, which … Continue reading

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SafeFlame torch turns water into fire

The pressurized acetylene and propane gas used in brazing and related tasks is highly flammable, and thus very dangerous. You know what isn’t flammable, though? Water. Bearing that in mind, the European Union-funded SafeFlame consortium has developed a torch system that generates a flame using nothing but H2O and electricity. SafeFlame utilizes an electrical current to electrolyze ordinary water, separating it into hydrogen and oxygen gas. Those gases are then mixed and ignited as they exit the torch’s nozzle. By … Continue reading

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Sit back and take a ride on the ‘Land Airbus’

We all love to look into the future and ask what will it be like? How will we get around in years to come is of great interest to us at Deskarati, so we are always on the look out for new ideas. Well we came across this great video with at least one idea we had not seen before, although we don’t quite know what has happened to all the lorries in the future!. Sit back and take a … Continue reading

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Japanese companies develop quake damping pendulums for tall buildings

Two Japanese companies, Mitsui Fudosan and Kajima Corp, have announced plans to install quake damping pendulums atop the Shinjuku Mitsui Building in downtown Tokyo by 2015. The building, like many others in the city, was built before new quake dampening technology was developed for skyscrapers. Both old and new anti-quake technology is based on the same idea—heavy pendulums that counter the ground moving action caused by an earthquake. When an earthquake (with long-period seismic motion) begins, it pushes the base … Continue reading

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Rocket powered by nuclear fusion could send humans to Mars

Human travel to Mars has long been the unachievable dangling carrot for space programs. Now, astronauts could be a step closer to our nearest planetary neighbor through a unique manipulation of nuclear fusion, the same energy that powers the sun and stars. University of Washington researchers and scientists at a Redmond-based space-propulsion company are building components of a fusion-powered rocket aimed to clear many of the hurdles that block deep space travel, including long times in transit, exorbitant costs and … Continue reading

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The Jacquard Loom


The Jacquard Loom is a mechanical loom that has holes punched in pasteboard, each row of which corresponds to one row of the design. Multiple rows of holes are punched on each card and the many cards that compose the design of the textile are strung together in order. In order to discuss the Jacquard loom, some basic knowledge of weaving is necessary. In order to make a strip of cloth, parallel threads (the “warp”) are stretched across a rectangular frame. To make a … Continue reading

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Magnetically levitating graphite moved with laser

Magnetic levitation has been demonstrated for a variety of objects, from trains to frogs, but so far no one has developed a practical maglev-based actuator that converts some external source of energy into motion. Now in a new study, researchers for the first time have used a laser to control the motion of a magnetically levitating graphite disk. By changing the disk’s temperature, the laser can change the disk’s levitation height and move it in a controlled direction, which has … Continue reading

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Scientists test novel power system for space travel

A team of researchers, including engineers from Los Alamos National Laboratory, has demonstrated a new concept for a reliable nuclear reactor that could be used on space flights. The research team recently demonstrated the first use of a heat pipe to cool a small nuclear reactor and power a Stirling engine at the Nevada National Security Site’s Device Assembly Facility near Las Vegas. The Demonstration Using Flattop Fissions (DUFF) experiment produced 24 watts of electricity. A team of engineers from … Continue reading

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Namib Desert beetle inspires self-filling water bottle

A US start-up has turned to nature to help bring water to arid areas by drawing moisture from the air. NBD Nano aims to mimic the way a beetle survives in an African desert to create a self-filling water bottle capable of storing up to three litres every hour.The insect harvests moisture from the air by first getting it to condense on its back and then storing the water. Using nature as an inspiration for technology, known as biomimicry, is … Continue reading

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Four African schoolgirls have created a pee-powered generator

What have you built lately? 14-year-olds Duro-Aina Adebola, Akindele Abiola, Faleke Oluwatoyin, and 15-year-old Bello Eniola have created a urine powered generator. All over Africa, young men and women have missioned across the country and arrived in Lagos, Nigeria. All they want to do is show off what they have made. Maker Faire Africa is more than your typical startup event: it actually shows off innovations, inventions, and initiatives that solve immediate challenges and problems, and then works to support … Continue reading

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The Wheelchair Bed

The Wheelchair Bed
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