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Is the hoverbike about to become reality?

Those childhood dreams of doing the commute on a Star Wars Speeder Bike might be possible if a revolutionary hoverbike design takes off. (Video above has no sound) Getting from A to B is very rarely boring in the world … Continue reading

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Biking to the South Pole

Even in its warmest months, Antarctica is an extreme environment, one of the driest, the windiest and the coldest on the planet. It’s this very reason that Antarctica is both the least-explored continent on Earth, but also has a history … Continue reading

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Small Harley Davidson Knucklehead Scale Model


Former Wisconsin power company worker Jerry Kieffer didn’t exactly take it easy when he retired. Instead, he dedicated himself to building perfect recreations of mechanical objects, in very small scale. What started as a 1/6th scale Harley-Davidson engine (which actually … Continue reading

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EcoBoomer iGo joins the self-balancing electric unicycle parade

It seems strange to be saying that there’s now another self-balancing electric unicycle on the market, but hey – that’s technology for you. Joining the likes of the eniCycle, Solowheel and SBU, we now have the LED-light-strip-adorned EcoBoomer iGo. The … Continue reading

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All-terrain vehicle – Quad Bikes

An all-terrain vehicle ATV, also known as a quad, quad bike, three-wheeler, or four-wheeler, is defined by the American National Standards Institute ANSI as a vehicle that travels on low-pressure tires, with a seat that is straddled by the operator, … Continue reading

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nCycle concept bike is smart, foldable, secure

Despite being around for over a century, bicycles are ideally suited to meet today’s urban transport needs – even if issues remain in the form of theft-prevention, storage, and safety. Gizmag has covered its fair share of bike designs which … Continue reading

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Yamaha-frame bike with scuba tank makes Dyson shortlist

Look what an Australian designer would like us to roll with in a no-emissions future: A motorcycle powered by nothing but air. Adding to a growing portfolio of ideas centered around compressed-air engines, this good-looking entry is called the 02 … Continue reading

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Airless Bicycle Tires

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Internet rolls into Bangladesh villages on a bike

Amina Begum had never seen a computer until a few years ago, but now she’s on Skype regularly with her husband. A woman on a bicycle brings the Internet to her. Dozens of “Info Ladies” bike into remote Bangladeshi villages … Continue reading

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The cardboard bicycle

Don’t tell Izhar Gafni that a bicycle can’t be made of cardboard. An Israeli engineer working in industrial design, he was always fascinated by the potential that comes from the interplay of technologies applied to materials. Gafni was too curious … Continue reading

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The ‘i-Phone of cycling’

Car-choked city streets are inspiring adults to get on a bicycle for local transport. Reasons range from ecology to economy in getting around. Korea-based auto part maker Mando is unleashing the next step up in cycling, a chainless electric bike … Continue reading

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Xfire system projects a bike lane onto the road

A lot of people won’t ride a bicycle on city streets because they’re scared that a vehicle will run into them. This fear certainly isn’t helped by the many drivers who unknowingly get dangerously close to cyclists while driving alongside … Continue reading

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Hoverbike Being Tested For All-Terrain Use


The lack of hovercrafts in this day and age is often lamented in the tech community. But now Aeroflex, a high-tech company based in California, is testing an aerial vehicle that uses two ducted rotors to hover above the ground. … Continue reading

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Design Concept Porsche 911 Bicycle Looks Amazing

Designer Bastiaan Kok has come up with a cool concept design for a Porsche 911 Bicycle, as the name suggests his concept is based on the Iconic Porsche 911 car. The Porsche 911 Bicycle features classic lines just like the … Continue reading

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Electric Scooters Are Coming from Daimler

SmartCars haven’t been as big of a hit in the United States as they have been overseas, but maybe an even smaller version of the petite auto would do better. Daimler, based in Stuttgart Germany, has decided to jump into … Continue reading

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Grow bikes get bigger as your child does

Ahh kids. They grow up so fast – much to the consternation of parents faced with continually having to buy larger shoes and clothes. As much as any kid loves their first bike, they quickly outgrow these as well. But … Continue reading

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Ford electric E-Bike Concept packs a Galaxy S II on the bars, motor in the wheel

Ford already wowed us with the Evos concept, but the slinkiest hybrid we’ve seen so far here in Frankfurt has not four wheels but two. It’s a concept bicycle from Ford called — wait for it — the E-Bike Concept. … Continue reading

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Self-inflating bike tires campaign for dollars

Bicycle owners are being offered a no-hassle solution to keeping their bicycle tires sidewalk and road-worthy. The solution is called the PumpTire, billed as the world’s first self-inflating bicycle tire. Thanks simply to the rolling motion of the tire, and … Continue reading

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New world record in one-hour cycling set – 56.89 miles

This sleek, human-powered missile on wheels is called Eiviestretto and it’s one of the world’s fastest recumbent bicycles or HPVs (human powered vehicles). On August 2nd, Francesco Russo of Switzerland rode this custom-built streamliner to beat the world record in … Continue reading

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Automatic shifting for e-bikes

Fallbrook Technologies has announced it’s latest incarnation of their ‘transmission for bicycles’ technology – the NuVinci Harmony – which is an auto-shifting version of the N360 aimed specifically at e-bikes. The Harmony, which is intended for use with 12-48 volt e-bike systems, … Continue reading

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