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The Autumn Equinox Is Almost Here

As the midday sun begins to sink lower and nights get noticeably longer, it can only mean the reign of summer is coming to an end for the northern half of the world. The autumn equinox arrives at 10:21 a.m. … Continue reading

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How do trees communicate?

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Earth Temperature Timeline

Earth Temperature Timeline

Source – xkcd

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Penn software helps to identify course of cancer metastasis, tumor ‘evolution’

Individual cells within a tumor are not all the same. This may sound like a modern medical truism, but it wasn’t very long ago that oncologists assumed that taking a single biopsy from a patient’s tumor would be an accurate … Continue reading

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Has DNA met its match as a forensic tool?

U.S. Energy Department scientists say a new method of analyzing genetic mutations in proteins in human hair could lead to the first forensic technique other than DNA profiling that could reliably match biological evidence to a single person with scientific … Continue reading

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DNA confirms cause of 1665 London’s Great Plague

DNA testing has for the first time confirmed the identity of the bacteria behind London’s Great Plague. The plague of 1665-1666 was the last major outbreak of bubonic plague in Britain, killing nearly a quarter of London’s population.It’s taken a … Continue reading

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In paleontology, biochronology is the correlation in time of biological events using fossils. In its strict sense, it refers to the use of assemblages of fossils that are not tied to stratigraphic sections (in contrast to biostratigraphy, where they are). … Continue reading

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Placenta in females, muscle mass in males: The dual heritage of a virus

It is known that genes inherited from ancient retroviruses are essential to the placenta in mammals, a finding to which scientists in the Laboratoire Physiologie et Pathologie Moleacuteculaires des Retrovirus Endogenes et Infectieux (CNRS/Universite Paris-Sud) contributed. Today, the same scientists … Continue reading

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Stunning drone footage of Uluru

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Everest Isn’t the Tallest Mountain

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Scientists have finally figured out how cancer spreads through the bloodstream

In what could be a major step forward in our understanding of how cancer moves around the body, researchers have observed the spread of cancer cells from the initial tumour to the bloodstream. The findings suggest that secondary growths called … Continue reading

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CONFIRMED: An Earth-like planet has been found in our closest neighbouring star system

European Southern Observatory (ESO) officials have finally confirmed that they have discovered a new exoplanet candidate named Proxima b inside the habitable zone of Proxima Centauri – a red dwarf star in our closest neighbouring star system, Alpha Centauri. This is … Continue reading

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Human Touch Detects Objects Smaller Than Bacteria

Your sense of touch is way more sophisticated than you can imagine. A new study indicates that our tactile capacity extends far beyond our visual range, allowing us to detect objects on the nanoscale. Researchers believe that the findings may … Continue reading

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Scale of the Universe

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The Screw

This pillar is found in Torcal de Antequera Natural Park, Málaga province, southeastern Spain. This is one of many impressive erosional features in the Natural Park set around the Torcal Mountains. The rocks are Jurassic aged limestones, deposited along the … Continue reading

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Brains of overweight people look 10 years older than those of lean people 

Researchers have found evidence that the brains of middle-aged, overweight people have the same amount of white matter – the connective tissue that allows the brain to communicate – as a lean person 10 years older. If confirmed, the results suggest … Continue reading

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Discovery of male-harming DNA mutation reinforces ‘mother’s curse’ hypothesis

There is new evidence that the “mother’s curse” – the possibility that moms may transmit genes to their children that harm their sons but not their daughters – holds true in animals. Such a possibility arises because there are two … Continue reading

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Scientists have just uncovered a major difference between DNA and RNA

A new study has shown for the first time that RNA – the older molecular cousin of DNA – splits apart when it tries to incorporate change, while DNA can contort itself and change its shape to compensate for any … Continue reading

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Is Earthly life premature from a cosmic perspective?

The universe is 13.8 billion years old, while our planet formed just 4.5 billion years ago. Some scientists think this time gap means that life on other planets could be billions of years older than ours. However, new theoretical work … Continue reading

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