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‘Roundest known space object’ identified

Astronomers claim to have discovered the roundest object ever measured in nature.Kepler 11145123 is a distant, slowly rotating star that’s more than twice the size of the Sun .Researchers were able to show that the difference between its radius as … Continue reading

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How the 2011 Japan Tsunami Spread Across the Pacific Ocean

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Giant snowballs appear on Russian beach in Siberia

A strange and beautiful sight greeted locals in the Gulf of Ob, in northwest Siberia, after thousands of natural snowballs formed on the beach. An 11-mile (18km) stretch of coast was covered in the icy spheres. The sculptural shapes range … Continue reading

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See the first color images produced by an electron microscope

Imagine spending your whole life seeing the world in black and white, and then seeing a vase of roses in full color for the first time. That’s kind of what it was like for the scientists who have taken the … Continue reading

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We might finally know the weird reason Earth experiences an ice age every 100,000 years

Earth is in a pretty unique state of climate change at the moment, but for the past 1 million years, almost like clockwork, our planet has moved in and out of an ice age every 100,000 years. The only problem … Continue reading

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Forward to the Future: Visions of 2045

Stefanie Tompkins, a geologist and director of DARPA’s Defense Sciences Office, envisions building substances from the atomic or molecular level up to create “impossible” materials with previously unattainable capabilities.

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This illustrates the mind-melting number of galaxies in the Universe

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Which is More Powerful: A Giant Microscope or a Giant Telescope?

The Scanning Transmission Electron Holography Microscope stands 15 feet tall and weighs 14,000 pounds. “It’s such a powerful machine,” says Rodney Herring, who runs the microscope facility at the University of Victoria in Canada. It can image at an unprocessed … Continue reading

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Consciousness Is the Key to Understanding Reality

In order to understand the true nature of reality, science must first recognize the importance of consciousness, says Dr. Robert Lanza, a stem-cell biologist whose work has earned him high acclaim. He also sees a greater role for consciousness in … Continue reading

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What did the first ever Nobel prize winner discover?

Nobel season is almost upon us again, with the scientists behind the discovery of gravitational waves up for a prize – but have you ever wondered what the first-ever Nobel prize was handed out for? Back in 1901, the King of … Continue reading

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The Autumn Equinox Is Almost Here

As the midday sun begins to sink lower and nights get noticeably longer, it can only mean the reign of summer is coming to an end for the northern half of the world. The autumn equinox arrives at 10:21 a.m. … Continue reading

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How do trees communicate?

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Earth Temperature Timeline

Earth Temperature Timeline

Source – xkcd

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Penn software helps to identify course of cancer metastasis, tumor ‘evolution’

Individual cells within a tumor are not all the same. This may sound like a modern medical truism, but it wasn’t very long ago that oncologists assumed that taking a single biopsy from a patient’s tumor would be an accurate … Continue reading

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Has DNA met its match as a forensic tool?

U.S. Energy Department scientists say a new method of analyzing genetic mutations in proteins in human hair could lead to the first forensic technique other than DNA profiling that could reliably match biological evidence to a single person with scientific … Continue reading

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DNA confirms cause of 1665 London’s Great Plague

DNA testing has for the first time confirmed the identity of the bacteria behind London’s Great Plague. The plague of 1665-1666 was the last major outbreak of bubonic plague in Britain, killing nearly a quarter of London’s population.It’s taken a … Continue reading

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In paleontology, biochronology is the correlation in time of biological events using fossils. In its strict sense, it refers to the use of assemblages of fossils that are not tied to stratigraphic sections (in contrast to biostratigraphy, where they are). … Continue reading

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Placenta in females, muscle mass in males: The dual heritage of a virus

It is known that genes inherited from ancient retroviruses are essential to the placenta in mammals, a finding to which scientists in the Laboratoire Physiologie et Pathologie Moleacuteculaires des Retrovirus Endogenes et Infectieux (CNRS/Universite Paris-Sud) contributed. Today, the same scientists … Continue reading

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Stunning drone footage of Uluru

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Everest Isn’t the Tallest Mountain

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