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The World’s Most Amazing Archer

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A gun silencer cut in half looks really weird inside

I have always wondered about two things since I was a kid and saw James Bond screwing a silencer into his gun: How the hell does a silencer look inside and how does it work? The picture above answers the first question and this animated infographic by SilencerCo, the second: Via Sploid

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Smart People


Source: SuperScholar

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The Hala Fruit

It might look like a cross section of the Earth, but it’s actually a Hala fruit – a sweet snack found in some parts of Australia and the Pacific Islands. Locals have nicknamed it the ‘stink nut’, because it smells awful when fermented. Via Facebook.

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The size of stuff!

Every time you get upset about something small, just remember this.

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Amazing Worlds Within Our World

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Watch a Rotten Orange Full of Fireworks Explode at 62,000 FPS


Every wonder what it would look like if you exploded an orange and filmed the carnage at 62,000 frames per second? Turns out, it looks a lot like the end of a very small world. Via Technology.

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The Real Railgun of the U.S. Navy

Railguns: weapons that can tear through walls like a pencil punctures a balloon. If you thought lasers were going to change the game, rail guns are going to blast the doors wide open.

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Plane miraculously landing with one wing

Thanks to Phil Krause for sending us this video. Brilliant bit of flying.

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Would You Take This Bet?

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Japan suffers lowest number of births on record as population shrinks

Japan Emperor Birthday

Japan’s estimated number of newborn babies last year fell to 1.001 million, the lowest figure on record, further contributing to the ageing and shrinking of the country’s population, official data showed Thursday. The number marked an all-time low for the fourth straight year, the health, labour and welfare ministry said, while the estimated number of people who died in 2014 totalled 1.269 million, rising for the fifth straight year. The number of newborn babies could fall below 1 million in … Continue reading

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Here’s how to trick your brain into keeping all of your new year’s resolutions

There’s a magic bullet that can bridge the gap between goal intentions and goal accomplishment. It’s what behavioural psychologists call “implementation intentions.” Ugly phrase, I know. But it could be the difference between achieving your goals in 2015 and failing miserably.” So what exactly is this “implementation intentions” concept? Back in 2002, researchers in the UK gathered together a group of volunteers who had set themselves the goal of taking up regular exercising. The volunteers were split into three groups. … Continue reading

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What is this unknown spinning object?

I came across this video but have no idea what is going on. Let me know if you do. – Deskarati

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Snowy Canyon

snowy canyon

Click for a beautiful larger picture In 2012, the Grand Canyon was hit by a nice snowfall on December 24, creating a lovely winter landscape. Interestingly, you can make out the actual temperature structure of the canyon just from this photo. Look at the snow levels – the lowest level where I see any snow is on top of the Redwall Limestone. In other words, during that snowstorm, there was enough of a temperature gradient that the canyon’s upper levels … Continue reading

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The Chandelier Tree in ‘Drive-Thru Tree Park’

Car Redwood

The Chandelier Tree in ‘Drive-Thru Tree Park’ is a 315-foot (96 m) tall coast redwood tree in Leggett, California with a 6-foot (1.8 m) wide by 6-foot-9-inch (2.06 m) high hole cut through its base to allow a car to drive through. Its base measures 21 ft (6.4 m) in diameter. The name “Chandelier Tree” comes from its unique limbs that resemble a chandelier. The limbs, which measure from 4 to 7 ft (1.2 to 2.1 m) in diameter, begin 100 ft (30 m) above the ground. The tree is … Continue reading

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Raindrop Impact on a Sandy Surface

This set of videos shows the impact of water drops on the surface of granular particles—a phenomenon that is likely familiar to all of us who have watched raindrops splashing in a backyard or on a beach. The high-speed photography reveals the detailed liquid-drop impact dynamics at various impact velocities. Such information allows us to construct a simple model for describing the morphology of raindrop imprints in a granular bed. Surprisingly, we found that liquid-drop impact cratering follows the same … Continue reading

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Watch what happens when a magnet is dropped through a copper pipe

So what is happening here? This amazing video shows the effect of Lenz’s Law – as the magnet falls it induces a current in the copper pipe. That current creates a magnetic field that opposes the changing field of the falling magnet, so the magnet is repelled and falls more slowly. It almost looks like it’s floating through the pipe. Watch it and get excited about the power of physics (try to ignore the elevator music in the background). Via … Continue reading

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How English describes color vs how Chinese describes color

Here’s a fascinating visualization created by Muyueh Lee that shows the differences between how the English language and Chinese language each describe colors. On the left, you can see the number of English names for color hues (there’s a lot!) and on the right, the number of Chinese names (there’s a little!). The above images show: The Hue-Saturation-Lightness (HSL) model is a 3D model that can be projected on a 2D space. Using Hue as an angle, we can set … Continue reading

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How far from the equator is Australia compared to countries in the Northern Hemisphere?

Australia in Northern Hemisphere

We thought it might be interesting to see how far Australia is below the equator compared to the countries above the equator. It fits nicely in the North Atlantic in this image we knocked up. You can also see why it is quite so hot down under! What it doesn’t show is how close to the Antarctic it is, which makes it quite cool in the southern territories in the winter. – Deskarati

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Topless Cans

A can that goes topless, also known as the “The 360 lid” or 360 End™, was developed by Crown Holdings, Inc for the World Cup 12 years ago (in Africa) to eliminate waste at stadiums and to cut down on beer lines where people were stuck waiting for beer to be poured. A couple of breweries in the states have used them, most notably, Slyfox, who supplies craft beer in cans are supplied to the Philadelphia Phillies. Pictured below is … Continue reading

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