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Digital Dictionaries Help Save Vanishing Languages

There are some 7,000 languages spoken in the world, and half of them could be gone by 2100. To rescue these languages, two linguists decided to use a combination of digital recording technology and the Internet. K. David Harrison and Gregory … Continue reading

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Scales and Angular Measurement

The apparent sizes of and distances between objects are described with angular measurement. This is important because the objects in the sky are often at greatly differing distances. For example, the Sun is 400 times larger than the moon. It … Continue reading

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Digital textbooks open a new chapter

With thanks to Deskarati far east reporter – Tom Robb South Korea, one of the world’s highest-rated education systems, aims to consolidate its position by digitising its entire curriculum. By 2015, it wants to be able to deliver all its curriculum … Continue reading

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South Korea plans to withdraw printed textbooks from schools by 2015

The South Korean ministry of education has announced a ground-breaking plan to digitize all textbooks which are in use in Korean schools and thus completely phase out printed materials by 2015. This opens a huge market for manufacturers of tablet … Continue reading

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What to do with a degree in chemistry

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An article by Angela Foster – Britain’s first woman prime minister and the first Briton in space have one thing in common – both studied chemistry at university, proving that it doesn’t have to be all white coats and test … Continue reading

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A time for a change in the PhD system

According to a series of articles published in Nature, the world has too many PhDs and not enough academic jobs to sustain them. Researchers point out that it is either time to make changes in the system or eliminate it … Continue reading

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Classroom Supermen: A Global Vision for the Future of Education

Sounds like a great idea which looks like it could improve global understanding and learning in future generations, sadly though probably only for the elite – Dekarati If you had a chance to create the perfect K-12 (kindergarten through to 12th grade) … Continue reading

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What’s in a word? Researchers say it depends how long it is

This seems to be an interesting study with a pretty uninteresting conclusion, but as sesquipedalians we are happy to circumbilivaginate to achieve a honorificabilitudinitatibus – Deskarati The idea that the length of a word is a reflection of the frequency with which it is … Continue reading

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Euclid’s Optics

Euclid’s Optics, is a work on the geometry of vision written by the Greek mathematician Euclid around 300 BC. The earliest surviving manuscript of Optics is in Greek and dates from the 10th century AD. The work deals almost entirely with the geometry of … Continue reading

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Mind Maps

  Mind maps are, by definition, a graphical method of taking notes. Their visual basis helps one to distinguish words or ideas, often with colors and symbols. They generally take a hierarchical or tree branch format, with ideas branching into their … Continue reading

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ipad for schools

The iPad is taking a lesson from the iPod and beginning to seize a place in US schools, some of which are beginning trials to test the efficacy of providing the Apple tablets to kids, even while New York City … Continue reading

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