How to move large blocks

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  1. alfy says:

    A very impressive demonstration, and highly believable. Have we any comments from professional archaeologists on the technique? It seemed to me that some of the work depended on having hard concrete surfaces. It may be that the builders of Stonehenge first stripped the area down to the bare chalk on which everything rests, and then perhaps levelled it with picks so the surface was not only hard but horizontal.
    This would make everything much safer for the workmen, as it would reduce the possibility of sideways roll during the movement operations.
    The clip reminded me of a piece of film I saw years ago, when a group of western archaeologist were speculating on how the pyramids might have been built. They had the bright idea of talking to some modern Egyptian builders and foremen of labouring gangs. The archaeologists were shown how, without wheels, pulleys or hoists, large stone blocks could be raised, manipulated, steered and positioned by small gangs of about six men who were experienced, and knew exactly what they were doing.

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