The Most Common Misconceptions

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  1. alfy says:

    A very interesting collection, Jim, and we could all count up our own score. Number two always amuses me. Some years ago, I was on the Isle of Arran, in Scotland, and set out to climb its highest peak, Goat Fell, (just under 3,000 feet) and a sister peak, Ciogh na Oighe. When I got back to my B&B I was tired and first of all, set to, in demolishing my evening meal. Afterwards, I congratulated my host on the food, and said I needed to go and take a bath.
    He was horrified, remarking, “I wouldn’t have let ‘the boys’ do that”, meaning his two sons. “Why ever not?”
    “Because you’d sink.” “How far do you think I’d sink in an ordinary domestic bath?”
    Of such multiple misconceptions is life liberally scattered.

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