Temperature anomalies by country and continent

This video was prepared and shared by Antti Lipponen (https://twitter.com/anttilip) using the compiled temperature measurements across the Earth’s countries and regions in the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies database, which extends back to the 19th century. Each bar shows the temperature for a given country compared to the baseline used by NASA Goddard – the average global temperature from 1951-1980. Using this projection you get both the global impression of everything getting warmer, particularly over the last 40 years, as well as a view of local and regional heat waves. How big a heat wave was the one that hit your country in some year? How does that compare to the global changes that have hit since? Scroll through this clip and find out.

Source – JBB – Video credit (CC licensed): https://flic.kr/p/W3wPeE

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