The Incredible Biodiversity of the Oceans

Thanks to Phil Krause for bringing this to our attention.

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2 Responses to The Incredible Biodiversity of the Oceans

  1. alfy says:

    What a remarkable set of discoveries based on such a simple experiment as sailing round the world. Perhaps CV should have disguised himself as David Attenborough and he would have been given a nice cup of tea, instead of being arrested.
    I have a personal interest in sea water at the moment, because among my new parade of medications is “Sterimar” described as,”100% Natural micro-diffused Sea Water, Rich in Trace Elements and Marine Minerals, Free from Steroids, Drugs and Preservatives”. Despite all the capital letters, this is something I have been asked to spray up my nostrils each day. It is driven by nitrogen gas under light pressure.
    Having listened to the Venter lecture, suggested by Phil, I wondered where the “Sterimar” sea water was collected. The manufacturers, Church and Dwight, are based in Folkestone, so no prizes for guessing then. Perhaps they imported sea water from the Sargasso Sea to justify more capital letters.

  2. Steve B says:

    There is a really big sewage outflow just outside Folkestone, so maybe you new nasal spray might contain a few added extras. Extras that have been micro-defused of course

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