Will circular runways ever take off?

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  1. alfy says:

    It sounds like a really great idea. Having four times the capacity of conventional runways makes a powerful economic argument. Why don’t they build one in Gatwick where there is more room? Passengers could be picked up by computer-driven coaches and taken to the terminal. This would be safe as there would be no normal (that is idiot-driven) vehicles, only compu coaches.
    While we are about it, why not the Alfy system for baggage-handling? Passengers are only allowed to fly if they come to the airport with a standard-sized rectangular case. (We allow a choice of three sizes). These are immediately loaded into pallets which fit exactly into the hold space. The whole thing could be completely automated like an industrial process. It would avoid the problem of Paki baggage-handlers jumping on soft cases to get them to fit. We gave up the idea of individual loading at the docks years ago, and used containerisation. This is containerisation applied to luggage.
    Similarly, passengers may only board the plane with hand luggage in a standard-sized case which fits exactly into a space above the seats. Anyone arriving with hand luggage in an elephant scrotum bag will simply be turned away. For passengers who always use great-uncle Cyril’s mahogany and leather travelling case, a special flight is available with a piston driven aircraft without inside heating, or pressurised cabins, just like it was with Imperial Airways in the 1930s It will take just two days to reach Majorca or the Costa B.

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