The Problem with Voice Recognition……..

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  1. Congratulations, Jim says:

    Congratulations, Jim, I loved this clip, but it was a shade too near reality for comfort. We have all met VR problems on utility answering services. On Scottish accents, I remember a Scottish B&B farm near the Lake of Menteith. (The only lake in Scotland, all the others are lochs) There was an ordinary (not wealthy) American family staying there too. The farmer entered the breakfast room, greeted the Americans, and wished them well, as he was off to work.
    Stunned, the American father said to me, “Did you understand one word of what he said?” Obligingly, I repeated the three short sentences back again, in my English accent. They were still surprised because I was not translating, but just repeating word for word. Clearly, the VR lift girl needs a familiarisation course before she is installed.
    Keep up the good work.

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