2,200-Year-Old Stunning Mosaics Discovered in Ancient Greek City Of Zeugma

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3 Responses to 2,200-Year-Old Stunning Mosaics Discovered in Ancient Greek City Of Zeugma

  1. alfy says:

    Weren’t the mosaics absolutely superb? They seemed to be completely undamaged, which is rare, and there were so many of them. Could not the Greek government have delayed filling the reservoir for another six months? The UN might have declared it a World Heritage Site.

    I sympathise with countries with such a wealth of ancient remains. We have all seen workmen installing modern bright yellow plastic piping around 10 inches in diameter and about an inch thick. Is it for gas or water, I’m not sure?
    I was watching this being done along St Paul’s Avenue, Pafos, in Cyprus. Why was I watching? The young man with a miniature digger was carefully lifting 10 foot lengths of granite columns out of the trenches and laying them gently along the roadside. I could see innumerable marble Corinthian capitals stacked beside the Avenue. The Cypriots needed to get on with the modernisation of public utilities, but it was quite clear that the workmen were also careful to protect their cultural heritage at the same time.

    • Deskarati says:

      Very interesting Alfy. Oh how I miss Cyprus!!
      BTW – its yellow for gas and blue for water – well here in the UK anyway.

  2. alfy says:

    Jim, I was sure you would know about the yellow pipes, so gas it is. The Cypriots are quite happy to take what suits them from British practice, so they still drive on the left, as you know, even though Greece and most of the continent drive on the right. With the snow recently, I thought of painting outdoors in the snow in Cyprus. When I get too cold, it is easy to drive downhill into the warmth again. Can’t do that in the UK.

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