Prick Free Glucose Monitoring for Diabetics

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  1. alfy says:

    I think, Jim, that we would all agree that there are far too many pricks involved in diabetes monitoring. The clip doesn’t make it clear whether the housewife featured is Type 1 or 2. I guess she is T1 needing to be monitored several times a day.
    As you know, the manufacturers of blood glucose monitors supply them to diabetics for free. They make their profits from the e test strips which the diabetics get on prescription from the NHS. This new gizmo doesn’t use strips, so I guess the makers can only get profits from the instrument itself.
    How do the costs compare, I wonder?
    I have heard that e test strips were about 50p each, so my last prescription of a box of 50 strips cost the NHS about £25. I suspect the gizmo in the clip costs more than this, but once bought, could be used as often as needed without any further cost, so being more economic in the long run.
    When I saw the girly unpacking all the stuff from the box my heart sank. I have recently been required by my GP to change to a new monitoring device which is supposedly more accurate. It was accompanied by a 65 page booklet printed in a tiny typeface, about 5 pt, I guess. Fortunately there was a quick guide which runs to only 15 pages. I struggled to understand what to do.
    In the end, I switched to the “Teenage Option”. Ignore all instructions, warnings or advice, and play about with the monitor until you get it to work. I could now write a guide which would take about four short sentences. Though I am sure I don’t “get the best” out of the monitor, it causes no hassle. It’s like driving your car from home to the nearest supermarket, when the car salesman says, “But you didn’t put the radio on, or use the heating system, or wind the windows down, and you never went into fifth gear.”
    What does Shirley think of this system? Can you discover the pricing arrangements, Jim?

    • Deskarati says:

      Hi Alfy,
      I don’t think you’ll be buying these anytime soon. The machine costs about £60 (no too bad) but the sensors cost £58 each and only last for 14 days!!!!!!!!
      On the positive side it looks like it works for Type 1 & 2 diebetics.
      I don’t think Shirley would be interested she doesn’t even check herself now from one month to the next!

  2. alfy says:

    Congratulations, Jim, in coming up with the answers. Phil thought that the sensors would be where the shoe pinches.

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