Driverless car tested in public in Milton Keynes – UK

A driverless car has been tested among members of the public for the first time in the UK, in Milton Keynes. The two-seater electric vehicle travelled in a 1km (0.6-mile) loop on the pavements around the town’s railway station.

The team behind it hopes a fleet of 40 of the pods will be available to the public next year.It called the test “a landmark step” towards bringing self-driving vehicles to the roads of the UK. Local dignitaries and members of the press sat alongside a safety driver, who was there to take the car out of autonomous mode in the case of an emergency.

Programme director Neil Fulton said: “This public demonstration represents a major milestone for autonomous vehicles in the UK and the culmination of an extensive project involving UK companies and experts. Source: BBC News

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2 Responses to Driverless car tested in public in Milton Keynes – UK

  1. alfy says:

    Funny. I thought the major technical problem of driverless cars was operating them on the roads in normal traffic conditions. Running them on pavements is not “a major milestone”. It is a publicity stunt avoiding the real issues.

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