Formula 1 set to agree plan on 2017 rule changes

Formula 1 has been through a turbulent time over the last year or so. There have been rows, stand-offs and threats. At times, the very future of the sport has seemed in doubt.

Falling TV audiences and a poisonous atmosphere within the sport have led to the acceptance that something has to change. And now, finally, F1’s bosses are poised to sign off on a set of new regulations that they hope will guarantee a rosier future for the next few years, with faster cars, happier drivers, better racing and less financial strain on smaller teams.

The disputes have been about all aspects of the car – chassis, engine and tyres. And they became – and remain – very political.But with the end-of-April deadline for completion looming, a resolution is in sight. Source: Formula 1 set to agree plan on 2017 rule changes

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