Creating hallucinations without drugs is surprisingly easy

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  1. alfy says:

    A fascinating experiment. It was the reference to “white noise” that immediately caught my interest. It reminded me of an experience I had while on holiday in Cyprus.
    I had driven up-country in a 4WD to a remote part of the foothills of the Troodos Mountains, and I planned to spend the afternoon painting there. I had seen no villages or farms for about half an hour and I was in a lightly wooded area where two streams came off the mountains, fed by melting snow and joined together. I called it, “Watersmeet” because I could find no Greek name on the map.
    As in the experiment, I was quite relaxed and content, with nothing on my mind. As I ate the lunch I had brought with me, there was the continual white noise of the two streams. It was not loud but it was insistent enough to drown all other noise, like birdsong. As I ate, I became more and more apprehensive and uneasy. I could swear that I could hear other noises behind the white noise of the streams.
    I thought I could hear little children playing and shouting to each other in delight, but there were no children there or any signs of habitation. A ruined house sat on a bluff about 200 yards away but there was no sign of any human activity in the way of farming or cultivation. I had the feeling that I was being watched as an intruder, by the unseen people who inhabited this place.
    By the time I had finished my lunch, I had made up my mind. I did something I had never done before, or since. I packed up my equipment and drove away. I have painted in many lonely spots in the absence of any people without any problem, so I could not understand why I abandoned “Watersmeet”. The experiment described in the clip gave me a clue.
    Although I was not sensorily deprived, and could see, touch, and smell, the white noise was enough to unsettle me.

    • Deskarati says:

      Very interesting Alfy. I will at some time try this for myself. Not quite sure where to get the white noise from although, as it mentions in the video, I can probably get something off the net.
      It would be interesting to see if you can control the hallucination to make it more enjoyable than unnerving experience you had .

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