A material that’s better than graphene?

What could be better than a material that’s super flexible, only one atom thick, and is 200 times stronger than steel? A material that’s equally strong and flexible, also only one atom thick, and inexpensive.

Scientists are asserting that this new discovery could potentially upstage the world’s greatest wonder material, graphene.

A physicist from the University of Kentucky is now working with scientists from Daimler in Germany as well as the Institute for Electronic Structure and Laser (IESL) in Greece to create a new material made from elements such as silicon, boron, and nitrogen. These building blocks mean that the material will be less expensive, more stable, and ultimately better than graphene – in theory, at least.

“We used simulations to see if the bonds would break or disintegrate – it didn’t happen,” said Madhu Menon, a physicist in the UK Centre for Computational Sciences. “We heated the material up to 1,000 degrees Celsius and it still didn’t break. “It sounds impressive, but to date, the material hasn’t actually been made. It only exists on computer simulations; however, scientists are working to rectify this now. Source: A material that’s better than graphene? Scientists say they’ve found it

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