Gravitational waves from black holes detected

Scientists are claiming a stunning discovery in their quest to fully understand gravity. They have observed the warping of space-time generated by the collision of two black holes more than a billion light-years from Earth.

The international team says the first detection of these gravitational waves will usher in a new era for astronomy. It is the culmination of decades of searching and could ultimately offer a window on the Big Bang.

The research, by the Ligo Collaboration, has been accepted for publication in the journal Physical Review Letters.

More here: Gravitational waves from black holes detected

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One Response to Gravitational waves from black holes detected

  1. Phil Krause says:

    This is a much bigger story than first meets the eye. I for one, never expected the direct detection of gravitons in my lifetime. Here is the last paragraph from my blog;-

    ” What did they detect? Well, a 29 solar mass black hole met a 36 solar mass black hole which spun around each other getting closer and closer, spinning faster and faster until they collided to form a 62 solar mass black hole. What! 29 + 36 doesn’t equal 62. The other 3 solar masses were radiated into space as gravitational waves. Einstein predicted gravitational waves 100 years ago, and now, in one lucky strike, “General Relativity” and “Black holes” are confirmed (beyond doubt) along with more confirmation of the “Standard model” and the “Higgs particle”. Definitely, Nobel Prize time! This experiment will lead the way for a whole new generation of telescopes that could detect things we haven’t even imagined yet. Unknown unknowns! ”

    As this blog is currently private so its not worth including a link here. The guys at LIGO were unbelievably lucky as their machine had been switched off for renovation for 5 years before being switched on again, JIT.

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