A 15cm Interactive Binary Ruler

Not bad for £9  or $15

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2 Responses to A 15cm Interactive Binary Ruler

  1. alfy says:

    Having watched this twice, I am still stumped as to how you would use this device for any practical problem. Yes, you can use it to draw a straight line, but if you wanted to measure the length of something, you would need to count along the digital scale in decimal numbers. If a digital scale was such a good idea, there would have been a rush to replace all our old decimal or Imperial rulers.
    This looks like £10 for a gadget in search of a useful purpose. Please, has anybody any idea of how they could personally find this useful?

  2. Bookfeller says:

    The only practical use I can think of would be teaching students about binary numbers and logic gates. But these concepts can be covered far better with a few carefully written pages in a textbook. I agree that, for what it does, it is a hugely expensive gadget.

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