The Tallest Observation Decks In the World in 2020

2020 observation decks

A crop of new skyscrapers are coming due over the next five years–and with them, nine new observation decks that will be taller than any others ever built.

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat recently released a study about observation decks that looks at how they’ve evolved over the last 120 years of skyscraper design, and where they’ll be in the future. While the Washington Monument once had the tallest publicly-accessible space in the world, that reign ended in 1889 when the Eiffel Tower was completed. But neither could compare to the rising heights of tall, steel-framed buildings on the horizon: By 1931, the Empire State Building had clinched the title, with more than 250 feet on Eiffel’s crowd-pleaser.

While it’s eye-opening to see the historical trends mapped, it’s the Council’s future projections that are really impressive. The US currently has one tower in the top ten tallest decks–the Willis Tower, at #9–by 2020 it’ll barely make the top 20 at #17 worldwide. Instead, the vast majority of high observation decks will be in Asia, with a few cameos by skyscrapers in the Middle East. For reference, only the shaded buildings are finished right now: Source: Here’s Where the Tallest Observation Decks In the World Will Be in 2020

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