Hvitserkur sea stack

Hvitserkur_sea_stack,_IcelandOnce 15 m Hvítserkur was the plug of a volcano. However, with time the violent sea eroded its flanks leaving only a small monolith. According to Icelandic legend on the other hand, Hvítserkur was a troll who forgot to retreat from the light (presumably because he was busy tearing down a convent) and thus turned into stone. Interestingly in present day people still ‘create’ trolls in Iceland by piling up rocks along the side of the road. Other stories claim that Hvítserkur is actually a drinking dragon or dinosaur.

Hvítserkur would have disappeared long ago had it not been for its base being filled up with concrete. At present it has two large holes with a third one quickly on its way. It seems very likely that eventually it will collapse..

Its name literally means ‘white shirt’ in Icelandic and is due to the fact that its top is covered in guano (bird shit). Thus a large number of birds, mostly fulmar and gulls, live on its rocks. Source EarthStory

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