Hydrogen Alpha

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  1. alfy says:

    Scientists are investigating a strange new phenomenon which is spreading like an infective virus. Provisionally it is called BVS for Bum Video Syndrome. It began in the Chemistry department of Nottingham University, with videos about the chemical elements where sometimes the element had disappeared from the specimen tube, or experiments were tried which did not work. This was covered up by what behavioural scientists call “displacement activity” in the form of vigorous hand-waving.
    Now it has spread to the Astronomy department at Nottingham, when a video clip featured a vital camera “which is not working today”, and the same displacement behaviour was observed with the inactive camera and telescope, masked by vigorous hand-waving.
    Philosophers have asked, “Why didn’t the chemists wait until they had obtained some more of the missing element before making the video?” or more recently, “Why not wait until the special camera is working before making the video?” These are naive questions in the face of this strange new virus BVS which has such a powerful compulsive effect.
    Anticipated are; a historian’s video on Magna Carta which has been locked away by the Librarian so it cannot be seen; and a marine biology video of an aquarium where unfortunately all the fish have died.
    The major worry is how quickly BVS will spread to other universities. It may be that BVS has already infected journalism, where “We go over to our correspondent in Bongolar,” and clearly, nothing is happening and the Bongolar citizens are going about their normal activities.

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