Slow Motion Contact Explosive – Nitrogen Triiodide

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  1. alfy says:

    An excellent clip; informative and well-presented. One might almost suspect that the presenter had thought carefully about what to do before filming began. Anyone who has studied chemistry has nitrogen tri-iodide anecdotes.
    The boys laid a film of dissolved NI3 along a cement corridor and waited for Suky to arrive. As the stable solution evaporated it left a fine layer of the unstable crystals. When Suky tapped her way along in her metal tipped high heels she was accompanied by a series of bangs and crackles, much to her alarm.
    The boss was a secretive and isolated person. One morning he arrived and put his key into the lock of his office door. The evening before, the lock had been generously primed with a thick paste of NI3 which dried during the night. There was a loud bang and the key shaft was fired into his abdomen, and he was admitted to hospital. He was referred to as “the exploding key man”. Police investigated the incident but could not determine which one of ten suspects might have done the deed.

  2. Steve B says:

    Yes, it is true there are a many stories about NI3. A queue waiting to go into a film showing wondered why the pavement a) was crackling when walked upn and b) why the crackling was accompanied by purple fumes. 1973 prank by a couple of Chemical Sciences undergraduates.

  3. Deskarati says:

    You are both very naughty boys!

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