Samsung shows off the world’s biggest hard drive: a 16TB SSD

It’s not always easy to fit our computing lifestyles within the bounds of our computing hardware. Photos, movies, music, games – you name it. All our digital media starts to add up after a while, and before you know it you’ve run out of room on your hard drive. Which is why the news that Samsung has just unveiled the world’s biggest hard drive immediately piqued our interest. The Korean company revealed its new uber-mega-drive this week at the Flash Memory Summit currently underway in California. And this thing really is big, offering a whopping 16 terabytes of storage, which is a whole 6 terabytes larger than the previous record holder.

To put things in perspective, 16 terabytes would hold over 3 million MP3s, more than 4,000 movies, nearly 5 million digital photos… you get the picture. This sucker is huge. It’s 1,000 times bigger than an entry-level iPhone and 32 times bigger than the storage in the computer on which I’m writing these words.

Best of all, Samsung’s new drive is a solid state drive using NAND flash for storage, not a mechanical hard disk drive using platter technology. This means it’d be quick, lightweight and energy efficient, with no moving parts like the ones used in older hard drives and computers. Source: Samsung shows off the world’s biggest hard drive: a 16TB SSD

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