New study shows no signs that skipping breakfast will make you gain weight

There’s no meal more divisive than breakfast – some of us swear by it and insist that we cannot function without it, while others say they’ll throw up if they’re faced with anything other than coffee before 10am. (Weekends are a whole other story, everyone loves breakfast on the weekend.) And just as all of us can’t agree on the virtues of breakfast, neither can researchers, it appears. It’s now gotten to the point where the conventional wisdom that “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” might be edited right out of the US government’s official Dietary Guidelines this year, if the 2015 advisory committee takes the results of recent research into account.

Late last year, researchers from Columbia University in the US compared the effects on 36 overweight participants of eating a high-fibre breakfast (oats), a breakfast with minimal fibre (frosted corn flakes), and no breakfast at 8:30am each day over a four-week period. While we should expect evidence of weight loss in the people who had breakfast and weight gain in the people who skipped it, the team found that the only change in weight was experienced by the no-breakfast group. And they ended up losing it, not gaining it.

“In overweight individuals, skipping breakfast daily for four weeks leads to a reduction in body weight,” the team concluded in the Journal of Nutritional Science. According to Korin Miller at Yahoo News, their hypothesis is that while skipping breakfast made the participants more likely to eat bigger meals later, their bodies were still unable to make up for the lost calories in that missing meal. Source: New study shows no signs that skipping breakfast will make you gain weight

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