University of Essex in world’s deepest ‘space’ pool plan

A university is in “exploratory discussions” to build the world’s deepest swimming pool for spaceflight and human endurance research. The proposed 50m (164ft) deep pool at the University of Essex would be far deeper than NASA’s own 12m (40ft) deep training pool in Houston. If it goes ahead, the project is expected to cost £40m.

The pool would simulate the microgravity of outer space and deep sea environments. The university’s development partner Blue Abyss said the pool could be used, for human spaceflight research programmes, environmental monitoring ,training in advanced commercial diving techniques, marine and human physiology research and aerospace development. The world’s current deepest pool is the Y-40 diving pool in Montegrotto Terme, Italy, which is 42m (137ft) deep. Source: BBC News

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