Featured Artworks – Brothers in Arms – Dire Straits

‘Brothers in Arms’ is the fifth studio album by the British rock band Dire Straits, released in 1985. The first half of the album is a development of their unique brand of rock which had evolved in their music since the 1980 album Making Movies, while the second half consists of more folk-influenced material. The whole album maintains the original Dire Straits’ bluesy and laid back guitar-based style whilst utilising a more lavish production and overall sound.

Brothers in Arms charted No.1 worldwide, spent ten weeks at number one on the UK Album Chart (between 18th January and 22nd March), and nine weeks at number one on the Billboard 200 in the U.S. It is the fifth best-selling album in UK chart history, is certified nine times platinum in the United States, and is one of the world’s best selling albums having sold 30 million copies worldwide.

Brothers in Arms was one of the first albums to be directed at the CD market, and was a full digital recording (DDD) at a time when most popular music was recorded on analogue equipment. It was also released on vinyl and cassette. Its title song is credited as being the first ever CD single.

Brothers in Arms was the first album to sell one million copies in the CD format and to outsell its LP version. As of 14th June 2009, Brothers in Arms was 5th on the list of best-selling albums (UK) and is the 107th best-selling album in the United States. The album won Best British Album at the 1987 Brit Awards.

Edited from Brothers in Arms by Deskarati

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