Solar Impulse passes ‘point of no return’ over Pacific

A solar-powered plane has passed the “point of no return” in its second bid at making a record-breaking flight across the Pacific Ocean. Solar Impulse took off from Japan’s Nagoya Airfield at 18:03 GMT on Sunday. The journey to Hawaii is expected to take approximately 120 hours. The team spent nearly two months waiting for clear weather to cross the Pacific, and a developing cold front forced the plane to make an unscheduled landing in Japan earlier this month.

“Andre Borschberg has passed the point of no return and must now see this 5 days 5 nights flight through to the end,” Solar Impulse said on its website. The pilot now no longer has the option to turn around and return to Japan, if the weather forecast changes. Source: Solar Impulse passes ‘point of no return’ over Pacific

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