This new metal box could help take physics beyond the Standard Model

Researchers in Germany have created a shield that can cut magnetic fields more than a million-fold, and they’ve used it to create one of the most exciting metal boxes on the planet right now. The 4.1-cubic-metre space has the weakest magnetic field in our Solar System, and it will allow scientists to finally conduct the high-precision experiments that could reveal physics beyond the Standard Model.

The Standard Model of particle physics, also known as ‘The Theory of Almost Everything’, is the best set of equations we have to explain the behaviour and interactions of the fundamental particles in the Universe. But although the model has served us well, there are a whole lot of gaps, such as the fact that the Standard Model doesn’t explain gravity, or why matter and antimatter from the Big Bang didn’t annihilate each other completely. It also can’t predict the behaviour of particles at very high energies.

Large-scale experiments such as the Large Hadron Collider are helping to improve our understanding in these areas, but are limited by the natural and artificial magnetic fields on Earth, which have the unfortunate habit of easily penetrating all kinds of matter.But now, researchers from Technische Universität Müchen (TUM) in Germany have managed to eliminate magnetic fields to previously unheard-of levels, opening up a whole new world of experiments. In fact, their box’s magnetic field is even weaker than the average ambient magnetic field experienced in the interstellar medium between galaxies. Source: This new metal box could help take physics beyond the Standard Model

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