‘Alternative Protein’ Could Make Up One Third of the Market by 2050

Could the source of our protein be the most pressing environmental question of the day? Bill Gates seems to think so. The software tycoon has invested in two big plant-based protein start-ups: Hampton Creek and Beyond Meat, and has gone so far as to declare plant-based protein the future of food.

The destructive impact of industrial livestock on our climate and our waterways means that Gates isn’t the only one making the switch. According to a new report from Lux Research, increased consumer demand means that alternatives to meat and fish could potentially claim up to 33 percent, or one third of the world’s protein market, by 2054.

The report goes on to say that soy will take a projected 80 percent share of the alternative protein market in the short term. Proteins extracted from peas, rice, and canola, also known as “second-generation proteins” will also grow “at a tremendous rate.” Most intriguing, the research firm says that the demand for so-called “nascent” proteins will rise at mid-century. These “third-generation” proteins, which include insects, algae, and other proteins derived from bioengineering, could make up 50 percent of the alternative protein market by 2054. More here ‘Alternative Protein’ Could Make Up One Third of the Market by 2050s

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