Baby “Geep” is a Rare Cross Between a Sheep and Goat

Separately, a baby sheep and a baby goat are adorable creatures. But what about when the little one is a cross between a sheep and pygmy goat? The result is even cuter. Butterfly, a “geep,” is the incredibly rare offspring of these two species. Born on July 27 of this year, the newborn is among only a handful of geeps in the world.

Butterfly is currently growing and thriving at My Petting Zoo, a mobile petting zoo based out of Cave Creek, Arizona. She gets her face from her goat father, Michael, and a longer tail thanks to her sheep mother, Momma. This combination also results in Butterfly’s striking and beautifully unusual coloring; the all-white head and feet are met with a black spotted body.

According to Priscilla Motola, the owner of My Petting Zoo, she was caught off guard by Butterfly’s arrival. This wasn’t necessarily due to the unique breed, but because Motola didn’t even know Momma was pregnant. The birth was a complete surprise, as was the cross-species romance. But since then, this geep has stolen the hearts of people around the world. Via Adorable Baby “Geep”

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