What happened to the low-carb diet fad?

Dr-Robert-AtkinsFor many people, the low-carb diet went the same way as its principal advocate, Dr Robert Atkins, who died in 2003. At the time, the popularity of the diet prompted warnings from, among others, the American Medical Association that the low-carb regime was ‘potentially dangerous’. Most controversy surrounded the effectiveness of the diet and the long-term health effects, which became the focus of scientific studies. The results now emerging suggest the original concerns were largely misplaced.

The low-carb diet appears to be at least as effective as conventional low-fat diets in producing weight loss, and somewhat better at keeping it off. As for long-term effects, several studies have pointed to benefits such as reduced risk of cardiac and neurological disorders, while recent research involving dieters on the low-carb diet for at least a year showed no harmful effects. Via What happened to the low-carb diet fad?

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