Researchers are turning old plastic bottles into waterproof paper

A team of Mexican entrepreneurs has found a way to save 20 trees and 56,000 litres of water for every ton of paper produced – simply make it out of recycled plastic bottles instead. Young entrepreneurs in Mexico have developed a system that can convert PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles into a type of mineral paper that’s waterproof and phytodegradable. Developed by a company called Cronology, the new technique claims to be 15 percent cheaper than traditional paper manufacturing methods because it doesn’t use water or chemicals such as chlorine, as well as being far more environmentally friendly.

“By not cutting trees, nor using water we reduce costs and help the planet,” Ever Adrian Nava, co-founder of Cronology, explained in a press release. “The mineral paper is stronger than the standard, you can not break it with your hands, is waterproof, has the quality of being photodegradable and only absorbs the necessary amount of ink when printing,” Nava added. Mineral paper is also known as peta paper and stone paper, and it meets the quality standards required to be used to print books, general stationary and also boxes. Via Researchers are turning old plastic bottles into waterproof paper

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