This computer program has ‘solved’ Texas hold’em poker

A new computer program is unbeatable in Texas hold’em poker. Let this AI player sit in for enough games, and it will never lose, no matter what its opponent plays, or what cards it’s been dealt. Computer scientists from the University of Alberta in Canada have programmed an AI poker player that can never lose across a series of hands of heads-up limit Texas hold’em.

Named Cepheus, the program uses a strategy for a two-player game of heads-up limit Texas hold’em poker that’s so brilliant, statistical analysis says that even if a person spends their entire lifetime playing poker against this program, the program will never lose. The AI will only ever come out on top, or break even. It will never make a mistake, even not knowing what cards its opponent is holding.

And it’s not about winning every hand – it will get dealt dud cards as often as the next guy – but the AI has figured out how to turn even the worst situations around to come out on top. “[It] will lose if it’s dealt an inferior hand, but it will minimise its losses as best as is mathematically possible and will slowly but surely take your money by making the “perfect” decision in any given scenario,” says Jason Koebler at Motherboard. “Heads-up limit hold’em, it can be said, has been ‘solved’.” Via This computer program has ‘solved’ Texas hold’em poker

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