Earth’s magnetic field could flip much faster than previously predicted

A new study suggests that Earth’s magnetic field could take just 100 years to flip – and there’s evidence it could happen again in a couple of thousand years. We think of north and south as being pretty constant, but the Earth’s magnetic field has flipped many times throughout the planet’s history, generally without causing huge catastrophes.

The Earth’s magnetic field is dipole, like that of a magnet, which means it has two opposite poles. Usually this magnetic field maintains the same intensity for thousands to million of years, but for unknown reasons, it occasionally weakens and reverses direction, a process that scientists previously thought took thousands of years.

But now scientists have discovered that the last magnetic reversal happened 786,000 years ago, and it actually occurred very quickly, within around 100 years. This means north and south could swap positions in the span of a human lifetime, which is pretty crazy to think about. Via Earth’s magnetic field could flip much faster than previously predicted.

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  1. lee salen-ga says:

    If the poles switches polarity, then the anomaly discovered by Lee Salenga, on like poles attracting each other, compass needle north with north terrestrial pole, will be corrected.
    Lee Salen-ga of the Philippines have found out that the inventor of the first world map labeled the south pole with an N for north. The north pole is south magnetic (gay).
    **** TO MODERATOR: If you are suffering Alvin Toffler’ s “Future shock” aka cognitive dissonance, I am sorry.
    Einstein because he suffered C.D. too, failed to discover what I discovered, because I accepted the valid arguments of Quantum Mechanics. I have discovered that a curved line is locally Euclidian. The mathematics community changed the definition of a manifold to avoid any embarrassment. My definition of a circle proves they changed the meaning of the geometric term manifold . Circle- A series of very short flat lines whose two ends meet, with a common equidistant
    point called a center.
    Thank you for your time. Lee Salenga

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