Unseen Pablo Picasso self-portrait goes on show in London

A 1901 self-portrait by Pablo Picasso that has not previously been exhibited in public will go on display in central London this week.

Self-portrait (Yo Picasso) depicts the Spanish artist and sculptor at the age of 30, looking directly at the viewer while painting by candlelight. The piece will be displayed alongside a 1969 self-portrait by Francis Bacon and works by Geoff Koons and Damien Hirst. The Self exhibition runs until 13 December at the Ordovas gallery.

Bacon’s self-portrait, one of his first studies of a single head, has not been publicly exhibited in London for almost 50 years. Koons’ contribution, dating from 1991, comprises a white marble bust atop a base of crystalline shapes. The exhibition also includes Hirst’s With Dead Head, a photograph of the British artist in 1992 posing with the head of a corpse. According to gallery owner Pilar Ordovas, it was Hirst who suggested the exhibition’s title and that Koons be invited to participate. Via Unseen Pablo Picasso self-portrait goes on show in London.

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