Zubits are designed to make shoe-tying obsolete

The tying and untying of your shoelaces may not be way up there on your list of everyday hassles, but hey – if you can get around doing it, why not? That’s the idea behind Zubits. They’re magnetized shoe closures, that take the place of bows.

Each pair of Zubits are initially threaded through the laces of an existing set of shoes. You then knot those laces off to keep them from coming unthreaded, cut off the excess, and then presumably forget about ever tying a bow again. Instead, you just snap the faces of the Zubits together to close up the shoe, and pull them apart when it’s time to take your shoes off. Via Zubits are designed to make shoe-tying obsolete.

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One Response to Zubits are designed to make shoe-tying obsolete

  1. RS Mallory says:

    One more blow to civilization and the skill of dexterity in the name of “progress”! Turns out with the advent of Velcro, generations of children, who GREW UP, do not know how to tie shoelaces or knots and have never developed the skills required (including the mental skills). Hopefully this will be just another passing fade rather than a blow to the skill sets of humans.

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