For Fecal Transplants, Frozen Poop Just as Good

For people suffering with the intestine infection Clostridium difficile, the treatment sometimes referred to as a “poop transplant” may work just well with fresh or frozen fecal matter, researchers say. In a new study, 10 patients with C. diff infections who received a transplant using frozen fecal material from healthy donors responded just as positively as the 10 patients treated with fresh fecal material, the researchers said. The procedure is intended to transplant beneficial microbes found in fecal matter.

Moreover, frozen fecal matter can make the operation easier on the patient. The use of fresh material requires patients to undergo a colonoscopy, whereas the frozen material can be delivered to a patient’s digestive system via a tube that enters through the nose and reaches down to the stomach.

“For almost all patients in the study, this delivery was preferable to that by colonoscopy, which involves a preparatory ‘cleaning out’ of the colon, sedation or anesthesia, and is more costly,” said study researcher Dr. Elizabeth Hohmann, of the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Via For Fecal Transplants, Frozen Poop Just as Good.

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