Faraday’s career rested on the outcome of a drunken brawl

Alan Mason tells us an interesting story of Michael Faraday’s early history.

Davy and FaradayIt is not widely known that Faraday’s career rests on the outcome of a drunken brawl. He was an apprentice bookbinder and sometimes served in the bookshop attached. A customer saw he was a bright lad and gave him tickets for a series of lectures by Davy on science. Faraday attended all the lectures, took notes and bound the notes into a small book. He wrote to Davy, enclosing the notes as an indication of his interest and enthusiasm, asking if there were any jobs available at the Royal Institution presided over by Davy. As it happened, Davy already had a lab technician, but he was off work with a broken arm, as a result of a Saturday night brawl when he was drunk. Davy invited Faraday to come and see him, and the rest is history.

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