Cognitive Illusions

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Illusion is a step away from reality and optical illusions are those that relate images we see to others that we visualize, perceive, or relate to. Although there are three major types of optical illusions, cognitive illusions remain the most researched amongst them all. So what are cognitive illusions?

obama vase singleCognitive Illusions – In life, we gain awareness and consciousness about many different subjects, changing the way we perceive our world. A cognitive illusion occurs when our mind relates anything that we are observing to another object that relates to it and is present within our subconscious. Thus, the image sparks our subconscious mind and brings forward a relatable perception into the conscious one, allowing us to use our assumptions about the world to create unconscious inferences about what we see in front of us.

The concept of unconscious inferences was first suggested by a German physician and physicist named Hermann Helmholtz in the 19th century. Rather than physically perceiving an object, we mentally create ideas and perceptions about it and this is a cognitive illusion, that we infer and understand what has not truly been explained in front of us. Via Cognitive Illusions – Optical Spy.

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