Meet China’s baby-shaped pears and heart-shaped melons


Since the beginnings of agriculture, humans have been customising their fruits and vegetables to suit their needs. Early on, bigger fruits and higher yields were the most important considerations, and while these factors still outweigh the actual taste factor, other, slightly less pressing desires have come into play over the past decade or so. Namely, people want to eat fruit that doesn’t look like regular fruit.

pears-in-their-moldsWhich is how baby-shaped pears have come into existence. Grown by China-based manufacturing company, Fruit Mould Co., these strange little shapes have been selling like crazy in China, along with square-shaped apples, and heart-shaped watermelons and cucumbers. Their Buddha-shaped pears are apparently extremely popular.

The way these fruits are created, says Carl Engelking at Discover Magazine, is by placing very young fruits – still attached to their vines or branches – into a plastic mould. The moulds are then clamped shut with screws and shielded from direct sunlight using a sheet of tough, water-proof paper. Via Meet China’s baby-shaped pears and heart-shaped melons

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