Do Atoms Ever Touch?

From Brady Haran on this video… In anticipation of questions and comments, I thought I’d write this in the description (where no-one will ever see it!!!)

Prof Moriarty and I have discussed the issue of “atoms touching” many times off camera. We’ve shared different views on the best definitions and tools used by various online “explainers” over the years. Clearly it is an issue close to Professor Moriarty’s heart because it involves his main area of research. And I am mindful he is a professional on the topic. I am not.

We jointly decided to make a Sixty Symbols video that reflected our previous discussions, so included more than my usual fill of provocative questions. And regardless, I see it as my role to be a “devil’s advocate” and ensure we challenge our scientists and get the best possible explanations. I can assure everyone it was done in good spirit and we had a laugh afterwards. Via Do Atoms Ever Touch?

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