The Day War Broke Out

100 years ago today the Great War started and today I thought about my father. Although he did not serve in either of the two World Wars, he did tell me many stories of his time as a child during the second WW. So today, as we all think of those lost and those we have lost, I would like you to listen to one of my fathers favourite monologues from Robb Wilton. – Jim – Deskarati

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2 Responses to The Day War Broke Out

  1. alfy says:

    One of my favourite Robb Wilton gags runs thus: “I saw this feller on our High Street. I said, ‘We’ve met before, haven’t we? Don’t tell me. Was it on the Retreat from Mons? No, it must have been Hill 60 ? No, it must be Vimy Ridge? I know, it was in the Rose and Crown last Thursday, wasn’t it? Yes, I thought so.

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