World’s Tallest Water Slide Set to Make a Splash

Today, Kansas City’s Schlitterban water park will unveil a new, record-setting way to soak its patrons when it flips the “On” switch for the “Verrückt,” the world’s tallest water slide.

Verrückt, in German, means “insane,” so it’s a safe bet the slide won’t be for the squeamish, or those obsessed with dryness. Peak to splashdown, the ride is 168 feet 7 inches tall, making it the Guinness World Record holder in the water slide height category. Would-be sliders will first have to climb 264 stairs before they can be strapped into a four-person raft alongside their friends or the odd collection of perfect strangers. (Unless they’re shorter than 4 feet tall, in which case they’re just not getting on the ride.)

From there the screaming raft-train will be sent whooshing down the full height of the structure, hurtled back up another enormous hill, and then sent flying down a 50-foot drop-and-drench to finish the ride. After the dramatic finale, thrill riders will fast become acquainted the feeling of “klitschnass”: German for soaking wet. Edited from World’s Tallest Water Slide Set to Make a Splash

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