Featured Artworks – Lost Tracks of Time – Matthew Malkiewicz


It’s not often that we include photographs in our ‘featured artworks‘ category. But when we saw this beautiful photo of an old steam train we couldn’t help ourselves. This amazing picture is from a collection of photos by Matthew Malkiewicz an engineer and self taught photographer. You can see more of Matthew’s work at his website losttracksoftime.com – Deskarati

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One Response to Featured Artworks – Lost Tracks of Time – Matthew Malkiewicz

  1. alfy says:

    Excellent pic, Jim, and well worth including. It is helpful to explain that Malkiewicz specialised in photographs of steam trains, taken at night, but with a lot of additional lighting. They were very carefully planned and set up so that the final result has a rather eerie quality. We can tell that it is night, because the sky is dark, but there is all this mysterious extra light. It is remeniscent of some of the work of Edward Hopper or Rene Magritte.

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