Fabien Cousteau set to surface after marathon undersea mission

aquarius base

After 31 days underwater, Fabien Cousteau and his crew are about to become land dwellers again. An ocean explorer and filmmaker like his famous grandfather Jacques, Cousteau will ascend Wednesday morning from the world’s only undersea lab, Aquarius Reef Base.

Since June 1, Cousteau and his fellow aquanauts have been living mostly on freeze-dried food and conducting scientific research on the marine life and themselves — all the while broadcasting the mission live online from the school-bus-size lab.

Known as Mission 31, it became the longest-running expedition at the Aquarius habitat, which sits 63 feet below the surface near a coral reef in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. (The next longest was a special NASA training mission that ran 18 days.) The mission comes half a century after Jacques Cousteau led a similar expedition in undersea living known as Conshelf Two, which took place 33 feet below in the Red Sea. Edited from Fabien Cousteau set to surface after marathon undersea mission

There is also a great article here describing the science and math behind decompression – Deskarati

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