Behold the Phoenix Towers

British studio Chetwoods has unveiled a proposal to create the world’s tallest tower in the Chinese city of Wuhan, with a host of environmental functions that will attempt to purify the city’s polluted air and lakes. The Phoenix towers, the tallest of which reaches a kilometre at its highest point, were commissioned by China’s Hua Yan Group to be an “iconic” attraction for a 47 hectare master plan occupying an island in one of Wuhan’s many lakes. When completed, the larger will be the world’s tallest structure, towering over 150 metres above the world’s highest building, the Burj Khalifa.

Based on a 2009 competition-winning proposal Chetwoods developed for creating a new bridge in London, the firm was asked to create a proposal that could incorporate large-scale environmental functions as well as provide a focal point for a three kilometre long avenue.

The tallest of the two towers contains multiple filtration systems for cleaning the water from the lake and the surrounding air as well as solar electricity plants. The second structure features a perforated facade with a louvre system for ventilation and light control and contains a vast vertical garden as well as restaurants, galleries, bars and other leisure facilities. The towers will occupy a seven-hectare space.”In China if you come up with a slightly mad idea, its almost not mad enough,” studio founder Laurie Chetwood told Dezeen. “It’s the opposite of the UK.” Via Chetwoods creates “blatantly iconic” kilometre-tall tower for Wuhan.

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